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Working with the Diocese of South Carolina to reach the Hispanic community with the goal of planting and growing biblical Anglican congregations locally and throughout the Americas. We work in partnership with more than 60 Anglican Churches in Latin America including Chile, Peru, Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico who are actively doing the same. It is also our goal to assist local congregations in partnering with Latin leaders and churches in the Global South.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Welcome to the Diocese of South Carolina Hispanic Ministries

It is the purpose of this ministry to:
  1. Encourage and engage in local Hispanic ministry opportunities.
  2. Build relationships with National Hispanic ministries.
  3. Strengthen relationships with the Anglican Province of South America.

Local Hispanic Ministries:
Church On The Move is the Hispanic outreach ministry of Fr. David Dubay and others. For the last three years we have been taking worship, fellowship and food to groups of migrant workers on Johns Island. The ministry has been well received. Men, women and children have been blessed and the Gospel is transforming lives.

The DHMC is called to expand on the success of Church On The Move and seek out additional opportunities to minister to the local Hispanic community. The Hispanic population in the Low Country almost doubled between the year 2000 and 2010 and continues to grow. State wide the Hispanic population is between 5% to 8% (latest official count is 5% but thousands are uncounted) with much higher concentrations in areas like North Charleston.

We are currently developing bridge-building programs such as English As A Second Language (ESL) courses which provide practical help to people as they integrate into our culture. During the teaching process relationships are formed that open opportunities for spiritual growth and ministry. We are also building relationships with other non-Anglican Hispanic ministers and congregations in the Low Country. It is our hope to learn from others as we provide stability and encouragement across denominations. Additional local ministry opportunities will be made available with help from a group called Caminemos Juntos (Let's Walk Together).

National Hispanic Ministries:
Caminemos Juntos is the Hispanic outreach arm of The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). As we build relationships with the leaders from Caminemos, we will be building relationships with ACNA. Caminemos leaders include Archbishop Zavala of Chile, Primate of South America, Archbishop Foley Beach of ACNA, Canon William Beasley and Rev. Jonathan Kindberg. These men are working to fulfill the vision of planting Hispanic churches from the tip of Chile to the top of Canada and are very excited about joining with us to reach our community.

ACNA has a local presence in the Low Country but there is as yet very little local representation from Caminemos. In the future we will be interacting more with this group, attending their conferences and inviting their leaders to share with us here when possible.

Relationships with South America:
Our connection with the Global Anglican Communion currently runs through The province of South America and the oversight of Archbishop Zavala. This relationship will only grow stronger as time goes by and will continue to provide us with exciting opportunities to build stronger ties with churches of the Global South and especially with South America. They have much to offer us in the way of community, common vision and growth. This relationship also offers us a great opportunity to help and support the less privileged congregations in places like Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay. 

Our brothers and sisters from areas of the Global South such as Ethiopia, Egypt and South America have extended their hand of fellowship and provided us with encouragement and leadership in our time of transition. They have taken a strong and unequivocal stand for Anglican orthodoxy -- which they have determined to be more important than certain financial advantages. This decision can be a very real sacrifice, especially in poorer countries like Ethiopia and Bolivia. With this in mind, doesn't it make sense, as our Bishop has said, to support those who are supporting us?

It is the desire of the Diocesan Hispanic Ministries Committee to encourage and assist congregations and individuals in our diocese to establish, build and strengthen relationships with our Anglican brothers and sisters throughout South America. It is our hope to see churches in the Low Country grow partnerships with South American congregations, pray for them and assist in their efforts to reach the unreached in their communities.

In a nutshell, the vision for the Diocesan Hispanic Ministries Committee is: To fulfill the Churches calling to reach the unreached ann make disciples in the Hispanic community, locally, nationally and worldwide.

If you are currently or have been previously engaged in any type of Hispanic ministry or if you have an interest in knowing more about it, locally, nationally or worldwide, please contact me at I would love to spend some time with you and discuss the possibilities.

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